Reason 1: Wooden toys are stable

Wood is a durable material. It takes more than just the weight of young children to destroy wooden toys. Compared to plastic toys or toys made of other materials, wood is very stable and rarely breaks.

This is in part due to the fact that many wooden toys are manufactured by hand. This helps the toys meet the highest quality standards and, with a bit of care, the toy can become a family heirloom.

Additionally: Wooden toys are not only more stable, but also safer. There are fewer small pieces that can break off, which reduces the danger of injury to children and the risk of small pieces which can be swallowed.


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Reason 2: Wooden toys inspire fantasies

Wooden toys are simple. They don’t have any sounds that stop working, nor do they have blinking light effects. Instead of overloading a child’s senses with noises and lights, the child must use their own sense of fantasy to play. What does that mean? It means your child needs their intellects and imaginations while playing and won’t be passively filled with information.

This sort of playtime engagement is important for the creative, social, emotional and verbal development of a child. Their thinking and argumentative skills are also strengthened during fantasy-filled playing.

Reason 3: Wooden toys are sustainable

So you want a more environmentally friendly household? You can start with your child’s toys – and simultaneously teach your child to be environmentally responsible in a conversational and playful way.

Most wooden toys are manufactured using sustainable forestry methods and fast-growing trees. If you want to be sure that a wooden toys isn’t made with exploitative methods or materials from the rainforest, you should look for the seal from the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). The FSC promotes and guarantees responsible, economical and environmentally friendly cultivation of forests.


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Reason 4: Wooden toys train fine motor skills

Whether it’s coordination, decision-making, flexibility or one’s own sense of balance: wooden toys can help your child with all of them! Your child plays, has fun and learns things which are important for their intellectual development.

For example, if your child builds a tower out of a pile of wooden blocks, it requires dexterity. Your kid has to find a way to stack the wooden blocks in such a way that they won’t fall down or collapse the tower. This trains fine motor skills, improves their coenaesthesis and their coordination.

Even toy cars made out of wood have a similar effect. Such toys are heavier than others. Your child has to make a greater effort to get the wheels turning, for example. This is also training for coordination and strength. Your child will learn to use just the right amount of pressure and energy to get the toy car moving and going at the desired speed.

Reason 5: Wood makes kids happy

These days, many children spend hours sitting with their smartphones or in front of a PC. This not only stifles their intellect and overstimulates their young brains – many parents could write entire novels about mood swings and grumpiness in their children because of it.

But wood has a remedy. Creative and interactive playtime with toys made of wood is calming and makes kids happy. Your child can relax and is simply alone with their own thoughts – without being bombarded with special effects and annoying blinking lights found so often with other toys or smartphone apps.

Reason 6: Wooden toys are cheaper

Hey, why are you furrowing your brow? Wooden toys really are cheaper – because it takes much longer to make cheaper toys out of other materials. Instead of having to buy the same toy ten times, a wooden toy can survive up to a decade. That means the higher price is worth it in the long run!

In addition to giving your wallet a break, wooden toys also give your nerves a break. This is because loud noisemaking toys can drive even the most level-headed parents crazy – the same sound effects being made over and over again is simply irritating. Wooden toys avoid this, and are therefore beneficial for parents, too.

Reason 7: Wooden toys just look good

Okay, maybe that’s not a big priority. But the beautiful appearance of a toy has a nice side effect! Wooden toys are timeless and bring up a sense of nostalgia. They’re stylish, responsible and simply look better than other toys.

In addition, wooden toys fit well within any play space. A few wooden blocks or a blinking, hopping, squeaking toy: which would you rather have in your living room?


Wooden toys have many advantages. Most importantly, wooden toys can teach your children many things that other toys simply can’t. Wooden toys are classic and are currently experiencing a revival – because they can keep your child busy with educational, fantasy-filled and fun playtime for hours on end.


Daniel, Product Manager

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2 Children, Boy (5 years), Girl (3 years)
Why do you like working for small foot?
Because we get to work with the best stuff on earth, and everyone on the team can bring in their own thoughts, ideas, and experiences to each product. A good product can only be made with this kind of diversity.

Why do you like working for small foot?
Because we get to work with the best stuff on earth, and everyone on the team can bring in their own thoughts, ideas, and experiences to each product. A good product can only be made with this kind of diversity.

What's something you particularly like about small foot toys?

We orient ourselves to the actual needs of children and parents - and that's all that matters. In addition, I appreciate the variety - small foot toys are not bound to a particular colour or shape.

Favourite small foot toy and reason why
I have many :-) , but my personal favourite is the Play Kitchen Tea Service (11214). My daughter loves it, and I have the opportunity to have a chat with my daughter in a teatime together about what she's experienced. It's not always a given that children tell you about their day. That's why I really appreciate this product.