Advice for living with children!

Don't miss out on any hints that makes day-to-day life with children easier.

Master your daily family life! Daily life with kids can be a challenge for everyone involved. Here, we'll give you some tips on how you can structure your day, keep the kids busy, and prevent boredom. With creative crafting ideas and exciting play ideas for both indoors and outdoors, you'll find inspiration here for how to keep your children busy while finding that me time for yourself. This is how you can approach your daily family life in a relaxed, confident way.

Outdoor games to prevent coronavirus tantrums


The garden and forest are now the places where children can satisfy their desire to move!

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Home office with a child


With 7 easy tips, working from home with kids in the house can be a breeze!

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The Influence of the Telly: 10 Effects of Television on Children


Many children sit in front of the television daily. Especially starting at age four, watching TV gains a lot of importance, replaces books and becomes the number one entertainment source. This worries a lot of parents – but is television really that bad? We’ve got the answer in 5 positive and negative effects of television at a glance.

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