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Do you have questions about our products, or do you want to know where you can buy them? Then you're at the right place! We've gathered answers to the most frequently asked questions about small foot. We hope you find what you're looking for. 

Questions About Your Order

Do you have any questions about our products or do you want to know where you can purchase them? Then you are in the right place! We have put together answers to the most frequently asked questions about the small foot company. We hope that you will find what you are looking for. You couldn’t find an answer to your question? You can also contact us directly here.

My small foot order arrived incomplete or damaged. What can I do?

Our primary concern is that small foot products meet your expectations for lots of long playtime fun. If this is ever not the case, and you notice that your order is not complete or is damaged, you have the following options:

  • First, check which retailer you bought the product from and contact them regarding your concern. They will address your issue and its resolution.
  • If you've ordered your small foot toys directly at, please write an email to with the reason for the claim, your order number, and photographs of the item(s). Our customer service representatives will get in touch with you and find a solution for the problem.

I would like to return a product I received. What do I have to do?

For product returns, please request a return ship via email at Small foot will cover the postage costs.

Questions About Our Products

Which safety and quality standards are observed with small foot toys?

Reliability Toys must be safe! When it comes to safety, our toys fulfill all of the common safety norms, are tested thoroughly by independent inspection bodies, and are subjected to additional intensive quality and safety tests with testing instruments at our headquarters in northern Germany. Our quality assurance team accompany our toys closely from the idea through the sampling and supply stages through to the sale. 20,000 random samples annually help guarantee the safety of toys manufactured by us.

In addition, our age recommendations give solid guidance as to when a child can play with a specific toy in an age-appropriate and safe way. In the course of the testing of the random samples, the paints, lacquers, and materials are regularly tested for toxic substances (in accordance with norm EN 71-3), and products for children up to age 12 months are also tested to make sure they're saliva-proof and sweat-proof (in accordance with DIN 53160).

In addition, a constantly growing portion of our product assortment carries the FSC® seal  (FSC®C138595). The wood materials used in the production of these small foot toys come from sustainably farmed forests or tree plantations which are regularly and independently inspected and certified in accordance with the strict international guidelines of the Forest Steward Council (FSC)®.

How do I assemble my small foot toy?

The assembly instructions for your small foot toy are delivered with your product. If these should get misplaced, you can always find and download the instructions in our Instructions Search. Simply enter the product name or product number in the search box.

Where can I find game instructions for small foot games?

The game instructions for your small foot product are delivered with your product. However, you can always find and download the instructions in our Instructions Search. Simply enter the product name or product number in the search box.

Other Questions

Does small foot provide donations for charitable organisations?

Our social and societal responsibility is very important to us. That's why we've been supporting numerous charitable organisations and groups with donations. One example is our 10+ year engagement with "Ärzte ohne Grenzen e.V." (Doctors Without Borders). We contributed to social issues with a donation to Ärzte ohne Grenzen e.V. in 2020, as well as to "Rettet den Regenwald e.V." (Save the Rainforest) and to "Unicef e.V.". Since the issue of climate protection is of constantly growing importance, we've also been supporting the widely-recognised charitable climate protection organisation "atmosfair gGmbH".

With this in mind, please understand that we must turn down requests for donations of money or goods for associations, organisations, citizen initiatives, and individuals. Still, every project deserves our recognition and appreciation, and we're ever thankful that there are still so many people who want to address important issues in these difficult times.

Does small foot get involved to support environmental sustainability?

At small foot, we work hard to continuously reduce our environmental footprint. We're on the right path - and we're optimising ourselves bit by bit every day towards environmental sustainability! Wood is our chosen material: natural, warm, and durable - because sustainability comes not just from the kind of material, but rather how long it lasts! Wooden toys often outlast a single childhood and can be handed down. For us, that's sustainability in practice!

But we're doing more:

  • Our headquarters are powered by our own company-owned photovoltaic panels that use the sun as an energy source.
  • A portion of our product assortment carries the FSC® seal (FSC®C138595). The wood materials used in the production of these toys comes from sustainably managed forests or plantations which are regularly and independently inspected and certified in accordance with the strict international guidelines of the Forest Steward Council (FSC®).
  • Our packaging is made of cardboard that's stable enough to be used as a long-term storage solution, but can still be recycled like other paper materials.
  • We save energy and shipping space thanks to the smallest amount of outer packaging possible.
  • We used recycled paper all across our company. We also regularly inform our employees about trash sorting and avoidance as well as recycling and environmental protection.
Our website is now also climate-neutral. Websites are considered to be climate-neutral when the  CO2 emissions it causes are calculated and compensated for. Surfing the internet causes  CO2 emissions, primarily due to the electricity consumption by the server during data transfer and by the user's end devices. By means of the number of monthly visits to our websites, we work with ClimatePartner to monitor the  CO2 emissions caused by our website and compensate for them via a certified climate protection project. At 18617-2202-1001, you can see the levels of  CO2 emissions which come from our websites and which projects we're supporting.

How can I become a small foot retailer?

Do you share our passion for wooden toys and would like to include small foot in your assortment? If so, you'll find all the important information on how to join us on the path to success in our Retailer Section.

I'm an influencer and would like to collaborate with small foot. Who can I get in touch with?

For us, bloggers are not only authentic reviewers of our products, but also valuable voices for our small foot community. So if you run a blog or social media channel focusing on the topics of family, child upbringing, or toys for children and have a sufficient audience reach?, we'd love to hear about your interest in a collaboration with small foot. Please send your collaboration request which includes information on Age, number and sex of your child(ren) at

Due to the high number of incoming requests, we will need a bit of time to process your request, and we won't be able to pursue every collaboration. To that end, please understand that we will only get in touch with you personally in the case of a genuine interest in a collaboration.

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