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Explaining the world and motivating children to learn: there's simply so much to experience and discover in the lives of children. With creative learning games, that's no problem! They playfully promote children's development and impart knowledge to them for school and for life! In this category, we'll give you some inspiration and play ideas with which children can playfully learn without becoming overwhelmed. Play and fun guaranteed!

Tips and Tricks: Here's how to tackle homeschooling


These learning toys are perfect for coronavirus times!

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7 Simple Tips: How to Playfully Promote Your Child’s Learning


Children love to learn. However, when fun falls by the wayside, the success in learning also suffers. This is why playful learning is so important! Whether by reading, arithmetic or motor skills: play and fun create positive emotions and the learned material stays longer in children’s memories. So how is this done? We’ll tell you in this article! Here are 7 tips for playful learning with your...

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