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A guide for toys and the development of babies and children

Tips and recommendations for selecting toys based on the age of babies and infants

Suitable toys are very important for the development of every child because the majority of their cognitive, social, and motor development takes place during play. With lots of fun and many new impressions, our descendants learn to discover the world around them and comprehend the unknown. Everything that children see, hear, touch, and hold, they learn for good.

In addition, playing supports their natural desire and motivation to learn, and therefore their curiosity, too. All of these components are important building blocks for their acquisition of educational skills in school which are built on top of these first components.

In the following sections, we will explain which development stages children go through and which toys are particularly important at which ages in order to support you with the purchase of toys. Of course, despite this advice, the selection of a toy depends on the individual child in question. A parent's feeling of whether or not a toy is suitable for their child or not is just as important and worthy of consideration.

Baby Toys for Newborns
Toys for ages 1 year and up
Toys for ages 2 years and up
Toys for ages 3 years and up
Toys for ages 4 years and up

Milestones of Childhood Development

Support the development progress of your children with the right toys

When growing from a baby to an infant, children go through several development steps. Seeing, hearing, speaking, cognitive and social skills are competencies that babies and infants have to learn next. Toys can support the development of these skills and the achievement of the milestones of childhood development. In the following sections, we'll explore the skills of a baby and infant and give recommendations on how toys can playfully promote children's development.

Motor Activities
Hearing Ability
Cognitive Skills
Social Development
Vision Abilities

Play Ideas & Crafting Templates

A source of ideas for group playtime and a whole lot of fun!

Free downloads for many exciting play and game ideas, crafting templates, and step-by-step instructions for all kinds of themes, seasons, and events. With these, there won't be any boredom at home or on-the-go.

Game & Assembly Instructions

Misplaced the instructions? Not a problem! All game and assembly instructions are available for download for free.

Want to put a toy together or read the rules for a game one more time, but you can't find the instructions? You'll find all small foot instructions and game rules available to download here for free!

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