• 18 - 35 months
  • from 3 years


Dolls ● Accessories & Doll's Houses from small foot

Our dolls are the most treasured by young children. Whether it's a doll to console them and for them to love, or the accessories such as the changing table and little doll's bed for the busy doll "parents" - the selection is huge! As acting doll "Mamas and Papas", children can slip into other roles and quickly learn to take on responsibility. Whether it's baby dolls or stuffed plush dolls, each one has individual features and highlights for imitating all kinds of everyday situations. There's a fitting model for every child. Those who get themselves an entire doll's house can also set it up however they want and let the dolls live out their dream life in their own home. That provides a comprehensive role-playing experience for children.