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The pedagogical value of playing with cars
Whether parents like it or not, cars and vehicles are part of our children's lives - regardless of whether you live in the city or out in the countryside and whether it's petrol and diesel vehicles or modern electric speedsters. Boys especially (but not only boys exclusively) like to play continuously with toy cars and car parks. And even if the pedagogical value of toy cars and the matching accessories is not readily apparent, "playing cars" has enormous fun value and therefore also learning value for the youngest children. Because playing itself is key for children! When playing, children's spiritual, mental, and physical possibilities unfold. The value of playtime and the joy of playing is therefore an invaluably good thing.

"Brrrrm, brrmm, brrmm!" is the sound coming form the nursery when the toy cars are racing here and there. And before the kids' favourite speedster goes for their official inspection in the play auto shop, it has to go quickly through the drive-through car wash so that everything shines and sparkles, of course. I wonder if there's a free parking spot in the cark park? And how much petrol is in the tank?

Car parks, toy garages, and repair shops for the toy car motor pool are a dream come true for children. Car parks and garages have had a special appeal for generations - they are toys with an enormous variety of play possibilities.


Premium Car Park

from 3 years

Park it, fill the tank, wash it, repair it - One car park, many possibilities!

Both small foot Car Parks make a great impression with their high proportions of visible, natural wood material. While the Rally Car Park with its modern mix of toned-down trend colours, a classic asphalt look, and dynamic design elements highlights the speed of the cars driving down the ramps, the Premium Car Park features a classic colour concept that fits in well in any nursery.

The included wooden cars can be parked on the three floors of the small foot Premium Car Park and Rally Car Park, or race down the ramps in one go. But there's much more! Fill up the tanks at the magnetic petrol pump or electric charging station, give everything the once-over in the automotive workshop with the height-adjustable lift, and cruise through the car wash with moving rollers so the favourite speedsters will shine like new! The car lift that is operated by a large handwheel moves the vehicles to the various floors of the car park. A stopping mechanism and ridges in the floor ensure that the cars get there safely. A special highlight is the flexible rubber bumpers, because in addition to protecting the durability of the car park sides, they can also be used by young car fans as a catapult for the cars. That'll certainly guarantee action! The helicopter landing pad on the roof of the car lift makes the playtime fun complete!

The best of the best!

Perfectly Equipped - These product highlights impress:

  • 3 spacious levels for limitless playtime fun
  • Magnetic petrol pumps and an electric car charging station
  • Car wash with moving rollers Mechanical lift with locking mechanism and floor grooves
  • Repair shop area with height-adjustable car lift
  • Helicopter landing pad on the roof of the lift
  • Moving barriers for controlling toy car traffic
  • Stable plastic ramps positioned in a way that allows the cars to drive from the top to the bottom in one trip
  • 2-in-1: The rubber boundaries serve as a robust barrier and as a catapult
  • It's an absolute must-have for young fans of cars, car parks, and parking garages, and a real enrichment for the toy car motor pool in the nursery!
  • The outstanding architecture provides open playability with the highest possible stability (it can even withstand a child accidentally sits on it).
  • High proportion of visible wood
  • Wooden parking garages are durable and haptically nice to touch compared to plastic products without the need to compromise on functionality
  • Environmentally friendly thanks to the wood material and the material-saving layout which causes less waste during production
  • Suitable for other toy cars commonly found on the market in the dimensions 1:55 and 1:60
  • Access ramps and connection points for other major wooden toy train tracks or small foot street elements enable integration into play worlds Role-playing stations such as a petrol station and a repair shop inspires imagination

Traffic signs: Even more fun when playing with the right accessories!

The new wooden Traffic Signs Set from the small foot brand offers safety and order in the road traffic in the toy car park. The realistically depicted international traffic signs with sturdy wooden bases control not only the flow of traffic in the play world, but also impart knowledge about the most important traffic rules in a kind of early traffic education. Included in the set is a two-sided traffic light that shows a red phase and a green phase. It's the perfect expansion to the toy parking garage! Who knows what a "Stop" sign looks like and what you should do at a zebra crossing?

Role-playing - What children learn from it

Role-playing situations such as the petrol station or a repair shop in a toy car park inspire invention and storytelling, either alone or with friends. When playing with toy vehicles, children create internal images and worlds of emotions which ultimately train children's imaginations and memory skills. Which feeling appears in their belly and head when they drive down the ramps in a real car park in Mum's car? And why does that happen? What did Papa talk to the mechanic in the repair shop when the family car was broken, and how fun was the last trip through the car wash when the brushes slapped against the windscreen?

When children find pleasure in a game and busy themselves with it for a long time, they learn skills such as commitment, endurance, and concentration - not to mention the knowledge which they gain playfully. Children process and access everyday events and expand upon them with their activated imaginations, especially when playing with toy cars and parking garages. They get to know the world around them and find out how things work, what they're used for, and what their purpose is. They become familiar with everyday objects and they train their motor skills with the details such as the barriers and the mechanical car lifts. 

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Daniel, Product Manager

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2 Children, Boy (5 years), Girl (3 years)
Why do you like working for small foot?
Because we get to work with the best stuff on earth, and everyone on the team can bring in their own thoughts, ideas, and experiences to each product. A good product can only be made with this kind of diversity.

Why do you like working for small foot?
Because we get to work with the best stuff on earth, and everyone on the team can bring in their own thoughts, ideas, and experiences to each product. A good product can only be made with this kind of diversity.

What's something you particularly like about small foot toys?

We orient ourselves to the actual needs of children and parents - and that's all that matters. In addition, I appreciate the variety - small foot toys are not bound to a particular colour or shape.

Favourite small foot toy and reason why
I have many :-) , but my personal favourite is the Play Kitchen Tea Service (11214). My daughter loves it, and I have the opportunity to have a chat with my daughter in a teatime together about what she's experienced. It's not always a given that children tell you about their day. That's why I really appreciate this product.