Outdoor games to prevent coronavirus tantrums

In these times of the coronavirus, parents in particular find themselves in a new situation. Most parents know intensive childcare from the school holidays. However, the longer that schools and kindergartens remain closed, the more creativity is demanded from parents. Structuring the days together and spontaneity are important now! When you start to notice imbalances and everyone's feeling cooped up, that means it's time to get out of the house and into nature! Nature offers children countless opportunities. When playing outside, children's imagination and creativity are activated and their immune systems are strengthened - which is an especially important point in these times of the coronavirus!

Exercise is the recipe for happier children!

Children have a strong urge to move about! In order to quench this need, outdoor games are a great help. With exercise games such as throwing and dancing games, swings, climbing frames, tree houses, and much more, there won't be any standing around any more. Running, jumping, and throwing also provide entertainment - whether it's in a team or against one another. Parents should also use this chance to be out in the fresh air! Playing together ensures not only balance in children, but also for a change of pace from the parents' daily routines!