Auto Repair Shop with Petrol Station


This product is currently not available.
  • the tow service set and all other small foot world products complete this article perfectly!
  • Special highlight: The filler neck are attached with magnets and can be removed from the gas station
  • the car wash, the mechanic, the taxi, the tools and the lift complete the set
  • convinces by the high proportion of wood and the exclusive small foot design


So let's go: park the taxi on the roof and open the gate to drive down the ramp. The mechanic will check your car on the car lift, make repairs with his screwdriver and wrenches, and as a special service, you get a free car wash. Then, off you go with a full petrol tank! Thanks to the many different ways to play with it, including together with other small foot world products, this auto shop is a real winner in the nursery! Please note that this product previously had the product number 10799.


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from 3 years