Walker "Elephant"


  • This walking aid offers fun with motor skills development on a total of five sides with shape-fitting, pushing, spinning, turning, and drawing
  • Maxiumum safety: Slits on the front side and lid prevent pinching of fingers, and the braking system allows the baby walker to be pushed across the ground in a controlled manner
  • A spinning tile game promotes comprehension of colours, and counting the clouds trains children's understanding of numbers
  • This baby walker has rubber-finished wheels for quiet and safe rolling, and offers plenty of space for storing toys under the openable lid
  • This baby walker has highly visible wood material with richly detailed illustrations and the rainbow as a central design element


This elephant baby walker made of wood offers multifunctional play and learn fun on 5 sides. The rainbow and its colours are a central design element. When inserting shapes, pushing it and turning over elements, novice walkers will train their motor skills and learn colours, shapes and numbers. The rubber-finished wheels allow children to be safely and quietly on the move. Under the openable lid with clamping protection, a child´s favourite toys can find space next to the shape-fitting pieces. The integrated axle makes the baby walker robust and smooth-running. The braking system ensures that no accidents happen while finding one’s feet.


Article number:
Approx. 16.5" x 15.4" x 16.5", Grip height approx. 16.1"
Age recommendation
from 12 months