Vision Abilities

When can babies start to be able to see, and how can their vision abilities be trained?

How babies' vision can be trained with mobiles When are babies able to see?

This is a question that many parents ask. At the start, a newborn only sees things as blurred and very unclear. Their vision ability is at around 20%. Babies first start to perceive general colour differences between month 2 and month 3. Babies can see luminous, strong colours in particular more clearly, which is why they're magically drawn in by toys with bright colours. For this reason, mobiles in bright colours with moving figures and elements are classic baby toys that promote the development of visual perception. They're popular gifts for newborns, and they're also a lovely eye-catcher in the nursery. Between the ages of 6 months and 8 months, babies will start to perceive things visually like adults do.

Train visual perception with mobiles

Training visual perception with mobiles

How page-turning through picture books develops the optic nerve

Shortly before their 1st birthday, babies are able to turn thicker pages by themselves. While sitting on Mum's or Dad's lap, wooden books can be independently explored with all senses. This especially trains children's visual abilities since wooden books draw their attention with their intense colours. Their visual perception is trained and the development of their optic nerve is furthered.

Wooden books for developing visual abilities

Wooden books for the promotion of vision