Hearing Ability

When can babies start to hear, and how can their hearing abilities be trained?

Mum's heartbeat: A sound that babies hear as early as in the womb

Toys with noise functions promote the development of acoustic perception

When the sounds of music boxes are playing, Dreamland is not far away. Young children listen to these noises through which their hearing abilities are trained. At the same time, the gentle sounds and melodies have a calming effect. In addition, toys such as rattles or plush toys with noise functions allow the discovery of sounds. Children begin to independently create their own noises when pressing, shaking, crinkling, or rattling, and in doing so, they train their acoustic perception. Altogether, a newborn's curiosity for sounds and noises is huge.

Train hearing abilities with music boxes, rattles, and plush toys

Train your hearing with music boxes, rattles and fabric toys

Train babies' and infants' hearing abilities by reading to them aloud

Regardless what age children are, reading stories to them aloud promotes the development of their childhood development in many ways. In addition to developing their speech and vision skills, this especially trains their hearing abilities. Babies will listen curiously to their parents' voices, and infants will make connections between the pictures and words while their speech is trained at the same time. Infants also will learn to actively listen and concentrate on the story, which has a positive effect on their concentration skills.

Tell stories and train your child's hearing abilities with wooden books

Tell stories with wooden books and promote your child's hearing

Musical instruments - Fun and training for acoustic perception

Children love music! Regardless of age, they enjoy melodies and sounds. If the children are older and want to show off their own musical talents, wooden musical instruments are well-suited for experimenting with music and exploring sounds independently. In addition to promoting the development of children's hearing abilities, it also trains their sense of rhythm. Whether alone or in a group, making music with sound toys helps develop acoustic perception while bringing kids lots of joy. Making music together also promotes the development of social skills.

Train hearing abilities with drums, guitars, claves, & more

Train your hearing with drums, guitar, bars & Co.