Toys for three-year-olds

Tips for choosing toys for ages 3 years and up

What should I keep in mind when it comes to toys for 3-year-olds?

Toddler's development progress very greatly depending on their age, so we're giving you some tips for selecting toys for them.

At the age of 3, children are becoming more and more interested in playing, and their social interaction with other children is increasing. They can't quite understand set rules yet, but their attention spans are getting longer. Singing, dancing, and playing with musical instruments brings them a lot of joy in particular. Their imaginations are getting stronger, and they are able to create their own stories. They also enjoy repeating what's been said, even if they don't understand exactly what it means. They are better able to remember events.

Their sense of balance improves, and they become more and more confident while walking, running, hopping, and jumping. Toys with lower complexity and simple patterns and colours appeal to them. They also like toys for sand and water activities a lot, which means that toys such as buckets, little shovels and shape cutouts for the sandbox are great gift ideas.

In this stage of development, children aged 3 years and up need toys…

  • For imitating adults
  • For active playtime
  • For musical play
  • For learning numbers and letters

To the active game

To the musical game


I like to shatter clichés while raising a child. So why not get a toolbox for a girl? The "classic" girl's and boy's toys are history. That's why I found the small foot Nordic Toolbox to be a great gift for Nilay-Su's third birthday. It even has pink screws, which I loved. I was particularly impressed with the well-thought-out design of the Nordic Toolbox. And that's not all: the bits for the toy screwdriver could also be swapped out thanks to the magnets inside. Changing the drill bits also trains motor skills! And on top of all that, the Toolbox with its Scandinavian design is a great eye-catcher in the nursery - and that makes not only the kids happy, but Mum too!