Toys for two-year-olds

Children's toys for the development for ages 2 years and up

Which toys are suitable for 2-year-olds?

We provide assistance to support you with your choice of toys for children aged 2 years and up.

Compared to their first months, young children's gross and fine motor skills begin to increase more and more at this stage. It's easier for them to recognise an interaction of their motor skills and cognitive skills. That being said, their vision skills and hand-eye coordination are still developing, but activities such as throwing and catching become easier. Two-year-olds still like playing by themselves, but start developing a strong interest in social activities. Nevertheless, it's still difficult for children aged 2 years and up to focus their attention on one activity longer.

Children's comprehension of sizes, shapes, and colours continues to increase, and they're able to put together simple puzzles. Children's toys for two-year-olds don't have to be extremely detailed because they're not quite able to differentiate between finer details yet. Simple shapes with fewer details are the better choice for this age. They can also now ride on balance bikes that they can slow down with their feet. They can learn to use pedals on a step-by-step basis. In addition, 2-year-olds learn by imitating and repeating actions. They like imitating Mum and Dad the most.

In this stage of development, children aged 2 years and up need toys…

  • Which move them forward and around
  • For puzzle-like activities
  • For swinging
  • To push, pull, and roll around
  • To stack, build, and hammer

To push, pull, and roll around

For rocking


A balance bike is usually too big for 2-year-olds. Keeping their balance while steering in a certain direction is still pretty difficult for them. For beginner riders like Niels, the small foot Training Tricycle 2-in-1 Maxi Pink was a great opportunity to start. The highlight of the Balance Trike is that it can be ridden with three wheels, and can be transformed into a regular balance bike later when the kids are older. In addition, the Trike offers handlebars with a turn radius restrictor which adds to its safety. The height-adjustable seat and the adjustable distance from the handlebars allows the Trike to be custom-fit to the size of each individual child. Niels particularly liked that she could put her favourite plush animal in the little basket for every ride.